Thursday, April 05, 2007

Book Stats

Even though I wrote down what I was going to do after yesterday's post...I didn't.

The George Harrison pictures remain scattered across my desk, along with the stack of Lowell George photos. I started Beatle George but realized I hadn't alloted enough pages to accommodate the multitude of pretty color pictures. So, I looked around the list to see where I could cut a page or two. I hate doing that. But I knew I had to.

I went over to the Michael Bloomfield mess. For some reason I had two Michael Bloomfield layout files. What's up with that guy? It's not enough that he haunted my flight to New York last year. Now, he wants two sections in my book. What does he want? The opening and the closing? (Let me duck under my desk until the lightning bolts clear.)

Okay. Where was I? Thankfully, late last night, Mr. Bloomfield was ready to cooperate with me. At least as far as finishing his layout. But he was not willing to give up a page to Mr. Harrison.

Here are the morning stats:

8 layouts left to finish...Beach Boys (Dennis and Carl Wilson), Papa John Creach, Lowell George, Maurice Gibb, Grateful Dead (Jerry Garcia and Keith Godchaux), George Harrison, John Lee Hooker and Gene Pitney.

And those 8 plus an additional 15 that need the slides and negs sized to go out for scanning. My goal is to have all of that done and to the scanners by Tuesday, giving me 7 weeks to research and write something about each of the musicians. As well as retouch the dust spots of the scans and put them into the layout. Then print out a couple of mock-ups. Oh yeah, and figure out the cover. And figure out a way to pay the bills.

I won't be getting out much in the next 7 weeks. No movies. No fun. Just sitting in this chair, in front of this computer, living with my dead rock stars. (Oops, that's a lie. I'm going to meet a friend for lunch at Lucy's today. But that's it. I promise.)

A lot of this is work is really sad for me, but I'm driven by the feeling that I'm doing the only thing I can to bring them back to life. Each and every one of them.

If only...

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peg said...

My vote goes for the Bloomfield fire eating pic on the cover!