Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Deborah Definitely Dumb

Remember last Thursday? I was complaining about the loss of my pictures of George Harrison's house? Couldn't find them anywhere. And trust me, I looked. Probably spent an hour or so. Nothing turned up. And I gave up.

I finished sizing the Grateful Dead photos and decided to do the George Harrison pictures without the house. I went into his files and pulled out all the negs and slides. And there they were...a sheet of slides. The house, the gate, the freaky pink guy guarding the grounds from the balcony. All there. I just hadn't done the lo res scans so I didn't think to look in his file folder.

Like I said...Deborah definitely dumb.

At least I can alliterate.

And in celebration of my dumbness, here's a sneak preview of George's house (not one that's going in the book):

That's Ringo's (and Maureen's) son, Zak Starkey, in the foreground...he's now the drummer for The Who.

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