Monday, April 09, 2007

The Design End In Sight

Got a lot accomplished this weekend.

I now have 34 sections that have completed layouts and are sized, with the photos either at the scanners or ready to go.

I have 3 sections that need tweaks and sizing (George Harrison, Billy Preston and Terry Kath) and 6 that need layouts and sizing (Beach Boys, Papa John Creach, Maurice Gibb, Grateful Dead, John Lee Hooker and Gene Pitney).

So close.

I'm working on Creach now. My problem is I have too many pictures of him that I really like. I want to make them all full pages but I don't have the space. So, I sit and stare at all the photos hoping they will fight it out amongst themselves. Same problem with the other 5 leftover layouts. Anyway, I'm going to try and finish them all by tomorrow.

Once that's done, it's on the writing.

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Peg said...

Go, Deborah, Go!!!