Monday, February 05, 2007

Alex Harvey Returns

On January 26, 2007, I scanned my 17 Alex Harvey slides. I knew his D-day and B-Day were coming up and I wanted to have a photo prepared. Then yesterday I put the tribute together for him to honor both days with one post.

Well, I guess he was feeling short-changed with only one post. He wanted both.

Here's what happened after yesterday's post...

When I watched the youtube video I posted I wondered (just briefly in passing) why I didn't have a shot of him in front of the Vambo wall. I distinctly remembered the show - all his theatrics but then I thought I must have missed it because I was shooting the guitar player. Oh well. At least I have pictures of him. In some cases I have few or none. (You have no idea how depressed I am about that).

This morning, I hit the office and decide to do some scanning while working on my script rewrite. I like it when I can multi-task. I check my list to see who I haven't scanned yet. Ah, Stanley Turrentine. I'm pretty sure there is a box of slides with his name on it in THE BOX. I look in THE BOX. There it is...a little slide case with a masking tape label that reads STANLEY TURRENTINE. Wait a second. What's this? Right next to Stanley? A bigger slide box that's labeled ALEX HARVEY. How can that be? I already scanned Alex's slides.

I pull the box out. Check the contents. Lo and behold, it's Alex Harvey. 19 more slides. How did those get there? And why did I happen to check THE BOX today? I haven't been in THE BOX for several weeks. I scan them. Here is one of the shots I thought I should have...

It's Alex Harvey's birthday today. And in true Alex Harvey fashion, he gave me a present. Thank you, Alex. I hope they're throwing you one helluva party up there.

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Hello Deborah.

Thought you might be interested in a recent BBC radio documentary about Alex uploaded here: