Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Sensational Alex Harvey

I'm guessing most of you have never heard of Alex Harvey. Can I see a show of hands?

And I'm wondering if anyone who reads this blog ever saw The Sensational Alex Harvey Band play live.


Well, he was sensational. Like nothing I'd seen before. The guy knew how to put on a show and he was sweet as can be to boot.

Like so many of the musicians I am paying tribute to in my book, Alex Harvey died in close proximity to his date of birth. Actually, I think his deathday and birthday are the closest. Today marks the 15th anniversary of his death, and had he lived, tomorrow would have been his 72nd birthday.

This is what he was doing at the Troubadour in late 1975...

February 5, 1935 - February 4, 1982

And since you probably haven't seen him live, here's a taste:

This is from the same tour I shot. I think he's even wearing the same shirt.


One Wink at a Time said...

I bet this was one awesome show. Can't say I'd ever heard of him but now I wonder why I haven't- seems like the world should have known... Thanks.

btl1964 said...

I saw Sahb's 1975 Christmas show at the Apollo theatre in Glasgow.

Most of the new bands line up still live in and around Glasgow and are still playing gigs.

Obviuosly not the same without the main man, but still an excellent gig.

Chesher Cat said...

It seems like it would be hard to replace Alex if the new band is doing his material. The show was so much about Alex's personality.

Have they continued in the same vein and do they have a lot of new material? It would be fun to see (and shoot) them again.

severs2000 said...

Deborah... I think that Alex was ALWAYS wearing the same shirt!

One of my favorite bands from the seventies and I saw them several times. Best at the Roxy in Hollywood; most memorable opening for Styx (!) at the Santa Monica Civic where they totally outclassed the hapless pseudo-prog bores.

Thank you for the interesting blog!

Jah Paul Jo

Mike Christianson said...

Made me look in my binder to find my ticket stub, as I always enjoyed this show that night and yes Styx was just short of being booed off the stage to bring back Alex.