Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Today, I met Roger.

I found Roger by visiting a bookstore in Berkeley. I was scouring the bookstore for coffee table books in the music section. I found a bunch. The ones I liked the most were all printed in Asia. China to be exact.

One of the books I admired had the printing company listed. Probably because they also have a publishing arm, although at the time I didn't realize they were affiliated. I did a little research last week and found out they had a local office. I gave them a call and voila, I made the 20 minute drive to their office today.

And met Roger.

I liked Roger. We sat for a little over an hour and worked out the printing specs for Everybody I Shot Is Dead. The size options (thinking around 9.5 x 11.5), number of pages (somewhere between 152 and 200), paper choices (Korean, European or Japanese), cover materials (cloth or printed laminate), and quantity (3000 - 10,000), etc. And some time next week I will have an estimate of costs to manufacture the book.

Printing in China is a three month process, from the time I deliver my files to the day the books are delivered. I want the books no later than October 1. So, my drop dead date is July 1. I'm putting the deadline on my calendar for June 1. That gives me three to four months to design the layout, do the research and write. I better get to work.

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