Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Love Surprises...

...well, at least good surprises.

I was rewriting my script all morning and then decided I better put some time in on the book so I could tick another "Write on Everybody" off my calendar.

I checked the photo list and realized I didn't have any Muddy Waters photos scanned or filed. Where the heck are my Muddy Waters shots? I know I only shot him in black and white, but to get to the black and white negs, I had to walk by the slide boxes. I currently have two file boxes with slides and a bunch of envelopes with internegs that were made to print for clients and my portfolio way-back-when.

I separated all my color slides and internegs of my dead musicians into the second box almost a year ago. Or so I thought. I also thought I had filed and scanned everything from the dead people box. Anyway, on my way to the black and whites, I stopped by the live box to rummage around. I was happy to find a few of my best shots of Elton John in an interneg envelope because I have no idea where the original slides are. Then I found an envelope with Eagles internegs, and was surprised to find a bunch of unmounted slides in there too. Yeah.

My shocking find was some internegs that belonged in the other box...Stanley Turrentine, more Hank Snow, more Downchild Blues Band. Then I looked in the second box. The dead people box that I thought was completely harvested. Nope. I found more Beach Boys slides - including 6 of Carl Wilson, a couple of group shots and what I hope is a cool shot from behind the stage of the audience holding up lit matches. I scanned it but haven''t looked at it yet. I also found 12 color shots of Tim Buckley. And last but not least...lucky 13 color slides of a very hot Waylon Jennings. I'll be posting one of those on Tuesday (his D-day), followed by Tim Buckley on Wednesday (his B-day) and my sweet Michael Bloomfield on Thursday (another D-day). (February is a crowded month with 7 birthdays and 7 deathdays)

Then I came across a file folder with all the articles I wrote for a small local paper. Very helpful in figuring out the exact dates of some of my shots, since they were articles about upcoming concerts. I had no writing experience when I wrote the them so they suck, but I'm thinking about including the ones of my dead guys in the book.

And there are two articles I am going to post next week (hopefully) about a band I shot twice. The first time was their very first tour. The band became very big and my articles are pretty interesting because of the time perspective.

Oh, I almost forgot. I never made it to the black and whites. I'm wondering if I'm avoiding my search for Muddy Waters, in case his shots are gone.

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