Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

A USA Today headline:

Not just cliche: Rock stars more likely to die young

It's true. And there's a UK research study that has the scientific research to prove it.

You can read the layman's version at any one of these million

If you want to check out the actual research paper you can download it

Me? Well, I immediately emailed my publicist to see how we can parlay this widespread news into publicity for Everybody I Shot Is Dead. I also emailed the main author of the paper to let him know that I'm pretty sure my book will confirm his findings...but with pictures and stories instead of charts and graphs.

Now I am sitting here wishing this story broke closer to the release of my book, but also hoping the news of my book will cast as wide of a net.

I'm doing all the work necessary toward that end.

And crossing my fingers, just in case.

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