Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mo Rocca

Before I post about the great time I had yesterday with Mo Rocca you need to read .

Go on.

Right now.

After you finish reading that you can come back here and I'll show you a picture.

Come on.


No scrolling further down this post.

Don't worry.

The rest of this post will still be here.

Enough of this. You're supposed to be .

I'll wait for you right here.

I promise.
Okay...you're back.

So, I think I know what's going to happen next. At least I hope so. Like I said in my comment on his blog, "I can only pray the wonderful Florence Henderson is the Patron Saint of Saving My Ass." If not, I'm really going to feel like shit. Okay, not really. But maybe.

Here's the photo I promised:

Me and Mo Kickin' Back.

And that's just another tease...stay tuned...

...there will be more.

1 comment:

One Wink at a Time said...

Very funny story. I am picturing Carol's face (especially the raised eyebrows) when reading the t-shirt.