Friday, December 15, 2006

Classroom In A Book

I just finished Lesson 1 of 13 in my Adobe GoLive Classroom in a Book. The book said Lesson 1 would take 2 hours. I think it took me 4. But that includes driving to Starbucks for a refill, checking email and watching TV. Focus problems here?

What made it even worse was that I should already know this program. After all, I built my company site for . Using GoLive. So, why am I finally going through the 13 lessons now? Well, first off, I haven't updated my site in so long I've pretty much forgotten how to do it. And secondly, I have internet plans that requires extensive web building knowledge. Like putting up video clips. And interactive secure purchasing features.

I was initially planning to hire someone to help out with my retail site but I didn't find anyone. As usual, I'm on my own. My once-a-week (now once-every-other-week since he got a job at the DGA) assistant has just about finished inventory on my stash. The idea is to build a virtual Starart store and sell what's left of the stash. Lots of art prints. A few of the original books that were for sale in bookstores. And some of the Limited Edition leatherbound books that were numbered and signed by the artists. I also have someone digitizing my video and audio tapes from way back then - including my interviews with the artists I did for the text part of the book, my appearance on Merv Griffin (with Jay Leno sitting next to me) and a bunch of video with the artists from the gallery shows. These files will be edited into clips and posted on the Starart store site for your viewing and aural pleasure.

There will also be a virtual store for the Limited Edition series of my rock'n'roll photography (Tom Waits will be the initial offering). I'm still figuring out the best way to structure the releases - number of prints, sizes, etc. And, I'm doing the 13 lessons which will hopefully teach me how to set up the credit card deal and shipping info and all that other important technical stuff that I have no clue about. As it stands now, the Chesher Cat site is simple, simple, simple. Nothing moves. No bells and whistles. Just point and click. Quick and easy. And unaccommodating for my future endeavors. The rest of the lessons are supposed to take an hour each. Maybe I'll be done and building by Christmas.

Wish me luck. Or if you have any experience with retail sites and want to give me advice, I'm all ears. Really. Any and all input is appreciated.

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