Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Scanner Demon

Going wild on scanning. It's really fun, especially with the black and whites. I keep finding wonderful surprises. It's like Christmas every day. And today was no different.

I scanned my Papa John Creach negs (tell me you know who he is). I surprised myself with a couple of very cool backstage shots of him. I need to figure out where I shot him. Looks like a club.

Then I did my Marc Bolan black and whites to add to the color slides I scanned previously. I have some great shots of him. I'm guessing T-Rex headlined with Blue Oyster Cult opening because...surprise...the negs had backstage shots of BOC, then live shots of Bolan, then more backstage of BOC. Let me know if you want to see the BOC backstage stuff and I'll post some. I have live BOC photos posted , in case you missed them back in April. Is it true that nobody reads blog archives?

I wish I'd been more organized with logging who I shot, when I shot them and where. I have this three-page list that I hand-printed way back when, but it's nowhere near complete...even within the list. And my memory? Well, we can forget about that.


Chris Baker said...

I just finished posting a comment with your live BOC pics...would love to see the backstage stuff if you can get some out there...thank you!

Anonymous said...

hello deborah
dont see another way to contact you....but, very interested to see your Bolan photos. any news on that? thanks, andrea nyc

Chesher Cat said...

Hi Andrea,

I'm hoping to get the book finished and out this Fall.

I won't be posting any photos of Marc until September (to honor his b-day and d-day). Sorry, I didn't start doing that until a couple of months ago.

And, for the most part, I'm saving the best photos to debut in the book. And I promise you won't be disappointed in my favorite Bolan pic.

You can access my email address by clicking "View my complete profile" on the front page of the blog...or from my website: Chesher Cat Productions.

Thanks for checking in.