Monday, December 04, 2006

When It Snows

I'm scanning my Hank Snow black and white negs today and at the bottom there's a neg strip with two images on it. In glancing at it I thought it was a couple of backstage shots of Hank Snow. So, I scanned it.

Not Hank Snow. Nothing to do with Hank Snow. Not the same job, not even the same record company.

Here's the best of the two pics:

Shot in Vancouver at the C-FUN radio station. Are they still around? Totally did not remember doing this until I saw the picture. That cool shot of Chuck Berry is also mine. One I'm planning for my Limited Edition Print Series.

The girl on the right is/was my client, Monica Netupsky. She worked really hard for a record distributor that handled a lot of the independent labels. She's also in a backstage photo of the Al Stewart band that I posted a while back. I really liked Monica. We became good friends. She had the biggest record collection I have ever seen. Walls and walls of vinyl in the basement of her parents' house in North Vancouver.

Monica gave me the one contact I had when I moved to Los Angeles. I owe her. I'm really sorry I lost touch with Monica. If any of you know who she is and where I can find her, please let me know.

Now, back to scanning Mr. Snow. Appropriate for the season.

Let it Snow
Let it Snow
Let it Snow...


Doug said...


Don't know of Monica's whereabouts, but the guy in the back on the right is Chuck McCoy who was a jock at CFUN at the time. He's now a VP at Rogers Radio in Toronto.

Anonymous said...


Monica's e-mail: