Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mike Gibbins

Today is Mike Gibbins' 59th birthday.

I only knew Mike briefly, during the course of the Badfinger concert at the Vancouver Garden on March 8, 1974. It was a great time - the band's first tour under their new Warner Bros. contract - and everybody was happy.

Badfinger backstage: Joey Molland, Mark Wilson (WB rep), Tom Evans, Pete Ham and Mike Gibbins

In looking for footage of Mike to post so you could get to know him and his music, I was dismayed on how little is available. It doesn't help that he was a drummer - you know, the forgotten guy in the back. But I did find this - No Matter What - from what looks to be a 1971 British TV show, where they at least gave Mike a couple of close-ups. It's a great song and overall this footage is a pretty cool representation of the times.

And here's one of my photos of Mike, one of my all-time favorite pictures:


And, thanks to those of you who put in your vote for Mike's kid's band, The Seven Sisters. They won the battle of the bands competition and as a result their music is being sent to the troops in Iraq. Mike would be thrilled.

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