Monday, July 28, 2008

All You Need Is Love

If only.

Anyway, my kid edited this trailer for the recently released DVD set. Thought you might enjoy his talent.

Let me know what you think. As his current manager, I'm open to all job offers.


Harry Simpson said...

MAkes me wanna go buy the DVD! Excellent job!

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Harry.

(as if I had any creative input...wait, I did. I suggested he move the second John Lennon quote to the end by itself - that was the best part, right?)

Bart said...

Nice work, love the text with moving images behind,goood clips, never boring and well choosen...did you use Adobe Premier? It is really tight, love it, makes me want to buy the dvd. this is Heidi from the PBBS saying hello, I am using my boyfriend Bart's email account so you may not know who Bart is. Your kid has talent!!!!

Harry Simpson said...

Actually yes that was the best part!! I also really liked the fact that the scenes changed but the music very cooling kept on and ended gracefully vs. chopping off the music.
I'm a photographer and not an film expert but hey, I know what I like eh... ;-)