Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Run Derby

I'm watching the MLB Home Run Derby. The boys of summer are displaying their athletic prowess. It's really amazing to see those round bats hit those little round balls and watch them sail out of the park. Crazy shit.

I suppose you may be wondering why the hell I'd have any interest in the Home Run Derby or even baseball for that matter. It's a long way from rock'n'roll, right?

Actually, it's not. My kid used to play a lot of baseball and in 2000 he was the bat boy for the UCLA Bruins. I spent a lot of time at Jackie Robinson Stadium and was friends with the amazing coach, Gary Adams. I also took a lot of pictures at those games. Shooting baseball games is not so far from shooting concerts. It's just a different kind of music.

One of the players I shot during that year just happens to be competing in tonight's Home Run Derby. He was also the player that got the most votes on the all-star ballot. His name is Chase Utley and he is the second baseman for the Phillies. I'm hoping he wins the Derby - yikes, he's up next and I'm getting nervous. The kind of nervous you get when your own kid is coming up to bat.

Anyway, I thought you baseball geeks out there might be interested in's one of three UCLA helmets that we have that belonged to Chase Utley. All three are in similar condition. And all three could have come from one game. He was serious about hitting. When he wasn't happy with an at bat, he wasn't happy.

I'm wondering if he's still killing helmets when he hits his slumps in the majors.

Go Chase!!


Anonymous said...

First visit to your website, and now I need to buy your book! You baited me with a Tom Waits photo posted back in 2006, hooked me with this post on major league baseball, then reeled me in with a photo of Paul Butterfield in an older post. Exceptional work. I will be back...

tony b., chicago, illinois (who's also hoping to find a Mike Bloomfield photo on your site somewhere...)

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Tony!

There are tons of Michael Bloomfield stories and photos on the blog. You can also see photos on my website...just click the Chesher Cat link on the main page.

You can even buy original prints from my book. When you're at my website don't forget to sign up on my mailing list so you'll be the first to hear about upcoming sales and special events.