Sunday, April 09, 2006

Is It Too Hard?

This goes back to my "It's A Contest" post on Thursday.

While I was chatting online with a friend on Friday night, he was checking out my blog. He got to the contest post and this conversation ensued (real typos and time log included):

HIM: hey ahs any one even come close on your contest?
8:50 PM
ME: no one has tried...why don't you start it off with a guess
HIM: david gilmour
ME: you gotta know at least one
ME: u sure you worked at (network he used to work at that is music-oriented)?
ME: (re his joking David Gilmour guess) shit, you're right...he's the little one
HIM: (re place he worked) oh puh-leeease, like that had or has anythign to do with music or knowledge there-of
HIM: the huge, record exec, egoyan, etyoan
HIM: etoyan
HIM: ahmed
HIM: either that or jim henson
ME: you're thinking ahmet ertegen
HIM: thx
HIM: and its noit him anyway
ME: (re ahmet) wrong
HIM: i have no idea who these people are
ME: you don't know the guy on the right?
HIM: teh guy on the right pulls at my brain sten like crasy
HIM: stem
HIM: super young,.......
ME: how about where they are?
8:55 PM
ME: i'm really shocked...
ME: I thought you were all that in the music biz, since you know how to burn on the guitar
ME: why don't you email the link to friend Mike....maybe he can help
HIM: you are silly
HIM: like i'm supposed to be able to tell where that is? i see hangers in the background
HIM: is that bob seger?
HIM: a very young bob seger
ME: hahaha
ME: maybe it's Jack Black and I took it last week
HIM: i think not
HIM: ??
ME: i can't tell...that would be cheating
ME: I thought this one was really easy
ME: I think you are going to be in my post tomorrow
ME: yup...I'm writing it in my head right now
9:00 PM
ME: don't worry, it will be short and sweet
HIM: oy
ME: something for you to look eorward to
HIM: eyorward
HIM: terry kath??
9:05 PM
ME: are you still on the picture?
HIM: it's buggn me
ME: you looked at the list and still can't figure it out?
HIM: he looks so familiar
ME: He's famous
ME: at least with musicians and fans
ME: turn the picture around...his name is on the back of his robe
HIM: thanks
ME: you are cracking me up
ME: don't you have a "life line" you can send the link to? Or maybe you can ask the audience
ME: or try 50-50
HIM: cheating
9:10 PM
ME: I'm hungry...going to the kitchen for a snack
HIM: k
ME: Let me know when you figure it out...I'll be at the Motion Picture Rest Home
ME: by then

When I came back with my snack five minutes later, "(first name) fucking (last name)" was on the screen. He finally got the guy on the right.

Come on, people. If you figure out the guy on the right (which shouldn't be too hard if you pick up the clues through some of my other posts, including this one), with a little bit of creative research - like emailing people associated with the guy on the right - you should easily be able to figure out when it was taken, which should help you realize where it was taken and all that should help you identify the exectutive-looking guy, and the other person should be a given. Think of it like a treasure hunt you went on when you were a kid.

To sweeten the prize pot, in addition to a copy of the book or print of the contest photo, I'm going to also include a print of your (the winner's) choice. It can be a live shot of any musician I have photographed (living or dead). It can even be one that will be in the book that no one else will see until the book is released. And if you're a really cool person (which you will be if you win the contest) I will even put your name in the "Special thanks" section in the back of the book. Now, that's got to be worth something.


Anonymous said...

OK, I know I can't win since I'm not naming all three, but the gentleman on the left is Mo Ostin, former head of Warner Brothers Records, Little Feats' record label.

The location looks to be a hockey arena dressing room, which often doubles as a rock stars dressing room at venues. I've seen far too many of the rooms as a rock and roll interviewer for radio here in Canada.

Doug Thompson

El Gordo said...

So from left to right we have Mo Ostin, the middle is still a mystery to me and the person way over to the right is..... drum roll please... the one... the only... the Rock n' Roll Doctor... Lowell George =)

But still let me try, is the one in the middle Inara George, Lowell's daughter?

Chesher Cat said...


Please check the comment I just put in the original post of this contest.

Time to throw your hat back in the ring.

Thanks for playing!