Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Main Squeeze

Dan from Vancouver made a comment on a previous post and asked if I took any photos of the local music scene up there. I answered off the top of my head with some of the more famous local talent I had shot. Then it got me thinking and I remembered this band I took pictures of for a promo card they could send out as well as put in the window of whatever club they were playing at. Immediately the image of the artwork flashed on the little movie screen in my brain. And it was ugly. Then I wondered whatever happened to the band. So I looked them up on this great website that has a wealth of information on all the bands that ever were in the Pacific Northwest (

I went to the seventies band listings, looked under "m" and lo and behold there they were: Main Squeeze. I clicked on their name and this is what FILLED my screen:Yes, folks, I created this beautiful piece of "art." Sad but true. Everything except the logo. As I remember, the band was in love with their logo and the rest of the piece had to be designed around it. Damn, why didn't I put something in that little white space? I hated the design then and I hate it now, but the funny thing is that I've always remembered it. And, for better or worse, that's what makes good advertising.


Fun Joel said...

Very cool stuff! I look forward to seeing more. As someone who has done his (VERY SMALL) share of music photography, I always love seeing good shots.

Thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

Chesher Cat said...

Hey Joel,

Been reading you for a while now. As a matter of fact, we traded emails and almost had a movie date. As I recall, you had tickets to a screening at the Chinese - I think it might have been Firewall but then the tickets fell through? I'm a sucker for that theater - too bad they show such bad movies there now.

Would love to talk to you sometime about the technical side if this blog thing - I'm clueless on that part - like RSS and Atom. No clue here.

Fun Joel said...

Cool. Well, dropme an email or something whenever you like! :-)