Monday, May 29, 2006

Blues Jam - UPDATED 6/1

I shot a show called Blues Jam at the Vancouver Colisseum and never wrote down the names of the musicians who played. Now, I'm in my own blues jam. I have no idea who these guys are and whether they're dead or alive. Of course, I want them all to be alive, but if not I want to pay tribute in Everybody I Shot Is Dead.

Since my memory seems to be the only thing I've shot these days (I know I spent a lot of time that day talking to #6, the harmonica guy, but I can't remember his name), I'm hoping you might be able to help me I.D. them. I can tell you the photos were shot mid-seventies and I think some, or possibly all of them were on Columbia Records.

#1 - IDed...Taj Mahal
I knew I shot Taj but thought it was a solo show. Thanks, Steve. Taj Mahal is alive and well.

#2 - IDed...Jimmy Witherspoon
Another one I definitely remember shooting, just not as part of the Blues Jam show. Thanks again, Steve. Unfortunately, the Spoon passed away on September 18, 1997 so you will be seeing more of him in my book.

#3 - IDed...Albert Collins
AKA the Master of the Telecaster. Thanks David, Derek M. and Harry Funk. The Master is also playing in the Great Blues Band in the sky as of November 25, 1993 and will be honored in my book.

#4 - Anybody know this man?
I don't think he is obscure.
Just heard back from Eddy B at and, as I thought, this man is not obscure. Looks like he is none other than the late great bluesman, Mighty Joe Young. He died on March 24, 1999.

#5 - tentatively IDed...Hollywood Fats
Sounds really familiar to me but I haven't located any other photos of him online to confirm. Thanks, Eddy B for the tentative ID. Please chime in if you have further confirmation. Hollywood Fats passed away on December 8, 1986 and if this is indeed him, I'd like pay tribute in my book.

#6 - ???
I remember that he was brought on the tour by Jimmy Witherspoon. He was around 19 at the time and, of course, white but he played an incredible harp. I'm curious as to where his career went from here.

#7 - ???

So, out of seven pictures shot at one concert I sadly have four confirmed dead. Happily, one is alive and kicking and the other two remain anonymous...who are you two?


RollUmEasy said...

I'm pretty sure #3 is Albert "Master of the Telecaster" Collins. He always played a Telecaster with the strap looped over the right shoulder. He died in 1993.

Harry Funk said...

I was going to say, #3 is Albert Collins. I'll have to do some research on the rest of 'em. None of them stand out at the moment.

JD King said...

I may be dense, but isn't #4 BB King?

Julie O. said...

If memory serves, #6 is Ronson Page, from back in his long-hair, funky shirt days.

billyboy666 said...

Suzi Quatro...yes she's still around doing a r&r radio show on a sunday night here in Brit.....Bet the photo's are superb...she was a stunner then and still looks good now..
billy x

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks David, Harry and Derek M. (who emailed me) for coming up with Albert Collins. Sadly, one more to add to the ever-growing list.

jd: I always thought I shot BB but haven't come across pics of him...same goes for Ray Charles. Hopefully, someone can verify #4 one way or the other.

Julie: You think Ronson is going to mind becoming famous as the brunt of my blog before that other talent of his?

No, folks, the Suzi Quatro comment is not completely out of left is a response to a comment I left on billyboy666's blog.

Steve Harvey said...

#1 is Taj Mahal, #2 is James Cotton, #3 is Albert Collins, #4 is NOT BB King, some more obscure cat. The white guys - beats me. #6 looks a little like the late Richard Manuel of the Band fame.

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey said...

Oops, #2 is NOT Cotton, but Jimmy Witherspoon. He's gone now too.

ronson said...

I resemble that remark.

Chesher Cat said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all your info...appreciate you stopping in and hope you'll stick around.

Funny, I have a whole other neg sheet of James Cotton...I need to check those out.

Chesher Cat said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all your info...appreciate you stopping in and hope you'll stick around.

Funny, I have a whole other neg sheet of James Cotton...I need to check those out.

Anonymous said...

6 - Al Blakey
7 - Fred Kaplan