Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Sweet Lord

I said I wasn't going to put up photos that I am using in the book, because the attraction to publishers is that most of my pictures haven't been seen before. But what the hell? I did post the fire eating shot of Michael Bloomfield and the back stage photo of Lowell George, both in the book. Oh, and that one live shot of the Bee Gees, possibly in the book.

In my last post I mentioned I was scanning George Harrison photos, partly for the winner of the previous caption contest but mostly because I need to get moving forward on the book. What you don't know is, after that post, I did something really smart that turned out to be really stupid. The smart thing was I decided to back up my files onto my external hard drive. Hadn't done it in a couple of months. And the stupid thing I did? I accidently backed up the old files from my external hard drive to my laptop, replacing the newer files with the old ones. Say bye, bye - everything I had put together on the blog and my recent book work, gone - over seventy-five scans, my little cartoons, mailing lists etc. Plus two screenplay rewrites. Argh!

Once I pulled myself out of my temporary deep depression, I rescanned the George Harrison pics. So, just in case everything evaporates (including me) before I finish the book here are a few shots of the quiet Beatle for your viewing pleasure.
George Harrison

George Harrison, Robben Ford and ?
If you know the sax player, please let me know.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Great shots! And Billy Preston's hair! It's like Cousin It with a perm!

RollUmEasy said...

With Preston, Weeks, and Ford in the line up, these (great!) pictures were probably from the Dark Horse tour (1974-1975), so that means the sax player is most likely Jim Horn (he's got quite an impressive resume, btw). You can email him at to be sure.


P.S. Sorry to hear about your backup fiasco. I bet it was someone's ghost (in the machine) that did it!

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Maryan...I couldn't resist posting the Preston picture because of the hair. Reminded me of Linc from The Mod Squad.

Hey David - I found out earlier today that it is indeed Jim Horn (thanks to Harry and Brad). Horn played with several of the musician's I'm paying tribute to in the book so I am definitely going to try and get in touch with him. Glad I didn't post it before you came out of the woodwork.

Yes, I agree on the ghost thing - seems like somebody didn't want me to move on. I mean, really. I couldn't possibly be that stupid, to overwrite my files.

Next week I'm posting some blues players I need to identify. Do you think you can help me with that?

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Billy Preston died today. He was 59. The book title gets more and more accurate every day, doesn't it?