Saturday, January 27, 2007

Site Update

I spent a very long 12 hours today working on my company website. Hopefully, it's a better layout (not all that different) and more functional (there were many bad links).

I've updated all the pages, including the Starart page in preparation for the store. There are no bells and whistles because, as we all know, I am technically challenged. And I want a site I can update when I feel like it. Like today.

Last night I was really craving a large margarita and chicken tostada from Lucy's El Adobe and thought I might get over there today. Nope. I hope the site improvements are worth missing my dinner and my writing time.

If you have a chance, pop on over there and let me know if it's working for you. Criticisms are always welcome.


Timo said...

The website looks good, it´s simple so you can easily find what your looking for. Those graphic designs look great, and the picture of Tom Waits is awesome, it was my favorite of the ones you posted on your blog. I´m also studying at school how to make web pages, so maybe later when I´ve learned a bit more I can give you better tips, if necessary. Next week we are starting to use a program called dreamweaver, which is supposed to be good, who knows? Anyway, good work with the website and good luck with the Tom Waits -posters ;)

ps. I know this is irrelevant but I just watched a documentary about Charles Bukowski, called "Bukowski - Born Into This". It was very interesting, and I recommend it if Bukowski interests even a little.

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Timo.

I was working at Cannon Films when Barfly was made so I had the opportunity to meet Bukowski. He was authentic to his writing. If his life interests you, definitely check out the movie.

Timo said...

Awesome, I will definately check out the movie. I have seen Factotum from 2005 and that was interesting (Matt Dillon played Bukowski), also I have listened a live recordind from 1980 called Hostage, where Buk reads his poems infront of a live audience, it´s very funny. But the most, I ofcourse enjoy of his books. Well, catch you later.

O'Donnell said...

Nice Blog, Cheshie.

Didn't realize you were a Lucy's's like a 2nd home for me the past 25 years. Only restaurant in LA w/ my pic on the wall.

Near the 1st booth from the cash register, I'm riding a huge bull. Check it out. Mention my name to Lucy, Patricia or Ricardo -- you'll get a grin & better service.


Chesher Cat said...

Hi Tim!!

Thanks for stopping by.

I bet we ate together many times and didn't know it. If there was ever a girl flirting with you from across the room, it was probably me.

I was introduced to Lucy's the first week I arrived in LA. It was after one of those all-day concerts they used to do at Ontario Speedway. Been going to Lucy's ever since.

I was close with Frank :( He even gave me their margarita recipe for the opening party of my first book, Starart.

Yummy margaritas. And that salad dressing is to die for. Let's go there. Right now.