Sunday, January 07, 2007


...aka Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

After finishing yesterday's post, I went back into my journals. This time it was a book I started February 4, 1977. And there it was, on the bottom of the sixteenth page...the answer to the mysterious person I shot at the TV Variety show rehearsal. Not who I hoped it might be...actually I knew it wasn't because this guy would have been too old. They just look alike.

Anyway, the mystery singer is Malcolm Roberts. Still a mystery, right? For me, too. I had to google him. I'll throw a picture up and tell you more about him on February 2nd. Since that's the third anniversary of his death.

Oh, and to further prove my theory that my brain is made of Swiss cheese...I read the last paragraph of yesterday's post and it took me two minutes to figure out who I was referring to when I wrote, "I found some photos I took of a guy who looks an awful lot like another musician who is no longer with us. I kind of remember shooting him but I'm not 100% sure." Jeez.

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My thoughts exactly!!!