Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Terry Kath

*Note: Practically giving away a TK print .*

I decided to honor the memory of Terry Kath with a group shot because that's how Chicago always presented themselves. I also like this photo because of the sunset sky and the spotlight on Terry. The lyrics below are from the first song Kath ever had recorded. And it's also the first song on their first album.

Terry Kath
1/31/46 - 1/23/78

Hey there everybody
Please don't romp or roam
We're a little nervous
'Cause we're so far from home
So this is what we do
Sit back and let us groove
And let us work on you

We've all spent years preparing
before this band was born
With heaven's help it blended
And we do thank the lord

Now we put you through the changes
And turned around the mood
We hope it's struck you different
And hope you feel moved
So forget about your troubles
As we search for something new
And we play for you

~Terry Kath ("Introduction" - Chicago Transit Authority, 1969)

I'll pull out a solo shot for his birthday next week.


Timo said...

Hi, I don´t want to disrespect anyone by writing here, but a thought crossed my mind, that you might like this band from Finland called Kingston Wall. The band no longer exist because the singer/guitarist Petri Walli committed suicide back in 1995 at the age of 26. Their second album titled II is one of the best albums I own. Just wanted to share this with another music lover.

It´s pretty late, and I´m no good writer anyway...(I was born with writers block...) The band has lots of 60´s and 70´s influences. I found some live videos from youtube, check them out if you have the time. If you like, I might even send you copy of the album, or perhaps even the original if you want. Anyway, good night!


Kingston Wall - Shine On Me:

Kingston Wall - Two Of A Kind

Marius said...

Hello great photo!

I'm making a tribute to Terry Kath,photo/music/movie DVD) non commercial, and would like to use this foto without the text.
Credits on the DVD to you of course.
Please let me know if this is possible!
I visit the blog to see for an answer.

Chesher Cat said...

Sorry, Marius.

I am not currently licensing any of my photographs for commercial or non-commercial use.

I may after my book comes out but probably only to help raise money for charity.