Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sneak Preview

In the next few weeks I will be adding an online store to my .

I know some of you are waiting for the Tom Waits photo[s]...sorry, I'm still researching the best way to handle the prints. In the meantime, I'm opening up the vault. Everything I have left from my book, Starart, is going up for sale. If you're not aware of Starart, it's a coffee table book of artwork done by six accomplished musicians: Joni Mitchell, John Mayall, Klaus Voormann, Ron Wood, George "Commander Cody" Frayne and Cat Stevens.

The book received really great reviews when it came out. Being that it is out-of-print, the book is now a sought after collector's item with only a few used copies of the regular hardcover book showing up online for as much as $499.

I have around 125 of regular hardcover books available. They are new books but there is slight wear on the covers from being in boxes and moved around over the past 25 years. I haven't decided on a starting price yet (I'm thinking $50) but the price will go up as the books sell. Only fair, since these are the only new copies available and once they're gone, they're gone. Which is why I'm giving my blog readers the heads up...before I advertise...and before I post on fan sites and message boards.

Did you notice I kept referring to the "regular" book? That's because I have another version of the book too. It looks like this:

It is leather-bound and comes in a case. It's printed on fine paper and is gold-gilded:

Oh...and it is numbered and hand-signed by the artists:

It is a Limited Edition of 300. I managed to keep some hidden away all these years. They are brand new and in perfect condition. Again, I will sell them in lots, with the price increasing as they sell. This is a very special collector's piece. Each of the artists own one. And so do a lot of their famous friends. The Limited Edition books will be expensive.

One more item. Or should I say six more items? By the third or fourth gallery show, we decided to run an edition of prints. One from each artists. And guess what? I held on to some. The prints are 16" x 20" (image size approx. 12.5" x 15.25"). We only printed 500 of each. Of those, 50 were numbered and signed by the artists (except Cat Stevens, as he had changed his name to Yusuf Islam), along with 10 Artist's Proofs. I have a limited number of signed (very few) and unsigned prints available.

These are the prints:

"Charlie Down In Mexico"
by Joni Mitchell

"Belushi On Plane Killers"
by Ron Wood

by Klaus Voormann

"The Crew of the Memphis Belle"
by George "Commander Cody" Frayne

by Cat Stevens

"Joni's Favorite"
by John Mayall

The retail site will also include a very cool 'viewing only' freebie. Never-before-seen video and audio clips of the artists. For example, under the picture of each print, there will be an audio clip of the artist describing the piece.

I'm trying really hard to get this up by January 15th (although it may not be functioning by then). This is a monumental effort - just like any other retail start-up - from designing the site, to the techno side of accepting credit cards, figuring out shipping, contracting a framer for the prints, digitizing audio/video tapes, editing, taking inventory, figuring out the logistics and on and on and on.

But once this is done, I'm thinking the Limited Editions of my photography prints won't be far behind.

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Scribe LA said...

Happy New Year, Deb!!

Word Imp said...

Wow! I'm so glad I found this blog. Wonderful name for a book. I had no idea those musicians were also such talented artists. I can't wait to show my husband after work. All the best with your project. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on you through your blogs now I've found you. What an inspiring and talented woman.

Chesher Cat said...

Scribe: Back at you.

Word Imp: How sweet you are...many thanks!