Monday, January 21, 2008

Can't Live With 'Em...

...can't live without 'em.

Computers. And I'm currently in the can't live with 'em mode.

I was working on my PowerBook this morning when the cursor suddenly froze in the upper left corner of the screen. I rebooted. Still frozen. I restarted from my Leopard disk, did a hard drive repair then rebooted. Still frozen. Took it to the computer store. They wanted to keep it to do a diagnostic. I decided to reinstall the OS. Booted up from the disk again but it wouldn't let me do an archive and install.

So I bought a new 500 gig drive and left the computer for them to backup my hard drive since I hadn't backed up in a few days. Picked up the hard drive and they kept the computer to do the diagnostic and try and fix it.

Now I'm working off an older PowerBook that has been having its own problems of late. Lots of crashing and problems powering up. It runs panther and I can't find a panther disk around here to save my life. It also has less ram. Since my computer runs leopard I can't open some of the stuff I need to work on. I can't even open my email.

I'm hoping to get the diagnostic results back tomorrow. If it's a hard drive problem or logic board (again) it will take even longer because they have to order parts. Luckily I'm covered by Apple Care. Even so, this is a giant pain in the ass. My computer is an extension of my right arm. We're attached at the hip. I am a slave to a box.

I think I'm screwed.


One Wink at a Time said...

Just so you know, we feel your pain in ebbs and wanes, here and there and usually at the most inopportune times.

Chesher Cat said...


Turned out not to be as screwed as I thought. They found a way to reinstall the OS without erasing the HD and I got it back today.

Just another day or two behind on work, that I am adding to the other many days I'm behind.