Thursday, January 03, 2008

Raining Down on Me

All I've heard for the past three days...

The Storm is coming. The Storm is coming.

Time to batten down the hatches and run for the nearest Storm Shelter.

In the Los Angeles news it's called Storm Watch or Storm Track. I call it, "Oh my God. We're going to have weather."

I think it was supposed to hit last night. We got nothing. But The Storm continued to top the 11am news on KABC.

Yikes, this looks like it could be serious.

Wait, here's the dude with the doppler. And not just any doppler. It's the MEGA doppler!

Hah! Look at that. Barely a sprinkle. His commentary to this map was, "Just kind of light and scattered in nature as this first wave starts to move through California."

Nothing in my mind that constitutes a label like Storm Track. So, I go out and drive over the hill to pick up a bunch of clips from my publicist. It was sprinkling just enough to require intermittent wiper use and headlights (yes, there's some California law that says if it's raining hard enough to put on your wipers you gotta turn on your headlights).

I reached the end of Vine Street where I was going to turn left onto Wilshire but there was a tow truck blocking traffic. It was making maneuvers to remove a car that had flipped on its side. Whoever was driving that car should have opted for the Storm Shelter. I had to flip a bitch (aka make a u-turn) and head back up Vine to detour around the mess, but by the time I left my publicist's (maybe 20 minutes) the flipped car on Wilshire was completely cleared as if nothing had happened.

I decided to take a different route back - I wanted to check out the status of a building I'm hoping to get for an L.A. show and party - which just happened to take me past Cedars-Sinai hospital. Although still not anywhere near Storm Track status, I have to admit it was raining a little harder. That must have been why there were around ten News Vans lined up on the street bordering the hospital... reporters on the sidewalk under their umbrellas... at the ready... obviously to report on the many accident victims that were sure to be pouring in any minute. After all, L.A. drivers suck in the rain.

Oh, no, wait a minute. That's not why they were there. Of course not. They were there to report on the competing top news story. That other Storm. Or should I say Train Wreck. Britney Spears.

I say, "Who the fuck cares?" Although I have to admit, I really can't wait to read Lynne Spears' forthcoming parenting book. I'm sure it's riveting and just chock-full of brilliant advice for all future child-rearers.

It's night time now and the water is falling out of the sky in near-Godly proportions. The Storm may have finally arrived. Or maybe my dead rockstars are crying for Britney. Or spitting.

Anyway, my original intent of this post was to share a song with you. Whenever it rains in near-Godly proportions I always like to listen to one particular song by one of my all-time favorite musicians. One of the musicians I never got the opportunity to shoot.


Although I did breathe the same air as him backstage at the Universal Amphitheater after a Judy Collins show that I did shoot. And I was a casual-hang-out-at-the-same-parties-friend of his brother, Severin.

Without further ado, have a listen to my favorite rain song by the very talented musician, Jackson Browne...

I still wanna shoot him.

I really do.

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