Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I answered a phone call today ('cause Julie's still on vacation) and it was a guy from a radio station in Hamilton - that's in Canada. He told me someone had showed him an article about me (yay AP...that thing is everywhere) and wanted to interview me. Tomorrow. The conversation went on for about 52 seconds, then just as I was asking for his email address to send him some information he said, "Hang on a second."

I could hear him talking in the background (he didn't actually put me on hold) and then he came right back as promised (okay, maybe it was 5 seconds later) and said, "Sorry about that, I'm on the air."

"Yeah, I could tell."

Yup, he was the actual deejay of the actual show that I would be interviewed on.

I didn't let on that I was impressed with him on so many levels. The first being that he picked up the phone himself and called. And the second being, in order to do that he had to find my website (maybe it was listed at the end of the article, but maybe not), and then he had to bounce around on there until he found the phone number. Of course, there is an email address on there - which most people go for first - but he didn't bother with that. Nope. He picked up the phone, dialed the number and - the third level of impressiveness - politely asked for me by name (not to mention, he pronounced my last name perfectly). Then, after telling me who he was, he politely asked if he could interview me on his on his show tomorrow. With all that politeness and gumption (when was the last time you used that word?), how could I say no? Or even play hard to get?

I wish there were more people like him on this planet.

So, here's the dealio:

We're taping the interview tomorrow morning (my morning) and he is running it on his show tomorrow afternoon (which is actually my afternoon too).

Tomorrow, as in Thursday, January 3, 2008 (in case you are reading this tomorrow which is now today).

It's the Scott Thompson show from 4pm-7pm EST on CHML-Hamilton 900AM on your dial (if you happen to live in the Hamilton area).

Since most of you probably don't live in the Hamilton area, you can hear it on a live streaming audio from anywhere on the planet on . Once you're on their site just click the "LISTEN LIVE" link that's right under the station's logo on the upper left side of the page.

I have no idea what questions Scott is going to ask me. It's always more fun that way.

Oh, there was one other thing that impressed me.

His voice.

I liked listening to his voice.

Now, please heed the title of this post.

And I'll see if I can narrow down the time frame so you don't have to listen to the full 3 hours. Although I'm telling you, he's not hard on the ears.

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