Saturday, January 02, 2010

Got A Minute?

This is the one-minute movie I made called Dream Simple. It was much easier to do than the animation piece I posted in December. And hopefully more professional looking as well. I was able to make it for just over $100, thanks to all the wonderful people who donated their time and equipment. The money went to food and a few props I had to buy. Anyway, I pretty happy with it. Hope you enjoy it...

(make sure it loads before you click the play arrow)

If for some reason you can't view it here, you can see it on my or . If you watch it on , I would love to get some ratings. :) Thanks.

In follow-up to yesterday's resolution post, I'm still on course. I railed on my email inbox last night and today and it's down to 194. Yay!

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Steve B said...

That was interesting. The video was shot really well. Was it intentional that he awoke to the sound of the water being squeezed out of the sponge?