Thursday, January 07, 2010

Palm Desert

Some mini-vacation. Day 2, 3:45am I am awakened to loud sloshing water. The dishwasher. I waited and waited. It kept sloshing. figuring someone had gotten up and turned it on, I finally got up and turned the dial to the quieter dry cycle. A half hour later the freakin' dishwater started all over again. WTF?

Things went downhill from there. I already wasn't feeling well. By morning I felt worse. Drank a little fresh grapefruit juice. Ten minutes later I did something I haven't done in a million years. Yup. I hurled. It wasn't pretty. Went back to bed and then thought I should brush my teeth. Lifted my head and looked down at Pumpkin. She was eating my toothbrush.

Later I mustered up the strength to lay on the lawn chair, half on the patio and half on the grass. Hooked Pumpkin's leash to the leg and reclined. Chillin'. Two minutes later, without warning, the sprinklers went off.

I gave up. The rest of the day was spent like this...

Then, at 4:30am this morning, the dishwasher started up again. I am now calling the dishwasher Christine.


Steve B said...

Are you sure you're not still at that Theme Park?

Anonymous said...

Are you still in Palm Desert? I just sent one of my co-workers on a business trip to Rancho Mirage. He's attending a meeting at the Westin Mission Hills this week. Emjoy your vacation! tony b.