Saturday, January 23, 2010

Terry Kath

32 years gone.


Unless you are a true fan of Terry Kath's guitar, you probably only know 25 or 6 to 4 in it's single form on the radio. Take a look and listen to this video - the quality ain't great, but wait 'til it hits the two-minute mark and watch it through to the end. If at that point you don't get why Terry was one of Jimi Hendrix's favorite guitarists, you don't get rock'n'roll...

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Steve B said...

Funny...I got this urge to listen to Chcago last nite. Strange how that worked out...great solo on that video!

songrytr said...

I was a junior in HS when Terry died. Heard about it on the radio the night it happened and couldn't believe it until I read it in the next morning's newspapers (Riverside P-E, LA Herald, LA Times - I still have them). He was the heart and soul of the band and I never did feel quite the same about Chicago after he was gone.