Sunday, January 03, 2010


It's the day everybody goes back to work. All refreshed from the time off. Resolutions still rockin'. A brighter outlook on life. Raring to go.



Even though I want to work.

I'm doing something completely different. Something I haven't done in years.

Are you ready for this? (even though I'm not?)

I'm going to a theme park.

For the whole day.

This one:


After that I will be kidnapped and taken to Palm Desert. I will not be released until Saturday.

Mostly, I will miss my dog.


Steve B said...

Way to shake things up! Have fun!

celluloidblonde said...

Well this is dumb but I will give it one more try.

Anonymous said...

Be aware…. they give you a "biometric" index fingerprint scan when you go through the turnstile now days. They act like you must do it or they won't let you in. But the truth is you can opt out by simply showing them your picture ID. They say it’s used "to prevent fraud", but who knows for sure. It’s at all the big parks these days. It is supposed to only be used for season pass holders, but it looked like everyone was getting them as they entered to me. At the point where you show them your ticket, that's when they put your finger on the little scanner. There is no notice given either on the ticket itself or any of the park pamphlets, so THAT made me a little uneasy. Beware that there is an option on that. Unless of course you don’t feel violated by such things. In that case I say be my guest.