Monday, January 11, 2010


It's almost tomorrow. I've been out all day today. The last of the relatives have exited the country. My life will finally get back to normal tomorrow. Well, maybe after a day of recovery so let's say by Wednesday.

Brain is currently fried. Or scrambled. Or maybe just poached. Take your pick. Whichever it is, it's on sourdough.

To quickly finish off yesterday's post, we did not go back to pick up my phone. We got a second car at the airport and divided up the assets. And the liabilities. Some of us ended up at Lucy's El Adobe for dinner at around 8:30pm. One of us flew over the city in a private plane. Another of us flew over the city in a non-private plane. Two of us drank margaritas. The end.

On Sunday I picked up a prepaid phone and had my cell phone number forwarded to the prepaid. I was expecting an important call today. It didn't come. Welcome to L.A. My phone is on a FedEx truck somewhere between there and here. I will get it tomorrow. I don't have any devices here that can record images so here is a picture of my phone...

Thanks a heap, Pumpkin. Nobody would have noticed if you hadn't brought it up.

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