Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm really hesitant to write a post today. It's 2010. I'm supposed to be all optimistic and positive. I'm afraid if I let myself get started I'll erupt like Mt. Etna. As in spew. It's been that kind of year and especially that kind of day.

I won't bore you with all that's not behaved like the 2010 I expected. Just the one teensy weensy little thing that happened today. I was moving things around from my computer and clearing out things that were duplicated. Freeing up space. And switching files between my computer hard drive and two external drives. A word of advice... do not attempt to do these kind of maneuvers when you have a sinus infection/cold. Why didn't I tell myself that before I started.

Somehow I managed to toss a folder the housed all the stills I took on my location trip last May. I was sure there were back-ups but when I went looking for them there was nothing. Disappeared. Into thin air.

I googled data recovery software and found a trial version of one that I could could use to search for the files and make sure they were available before paying to retrieve them. I think I found most of them, although some of them came out like this...

It took a long time. And as I write this, I'm doing another search with different parameters just to be sure I don't miss anything. It's taking forever.

Oh, I also broke a glass when my clumsy arm knocked it over on my desk. It was blind luck that it was empty.

Now if we can just get some blind luck over to Haiti.


Steve B said...

Whoa, that's really a drag! I hope you manage to get all your shots back together!Thoughts and prayers, and donations for Haiti.

Cooper said...

Were you able to get your photos back? You've inspired me to back up my computer before I do something similar.