Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Plea For Help

The next three months are going to be crazy for me. I will be working 14/7. It would be 24/7 but even I have to sleep. It will be a miracle if I get the book finished in time, so I am counting on each and every one of you to help me. Whether you have been following this blog since the beginning or have just arrived, I'm asking for your participation.

Sometimes I will ask for your opinion on something. Questions that every one of you can answer. Other times, like today, I will ask you to help me identify a musician.

I'm hoping some of the Bee Gees fans are still hanging around. This guy opened for them at the concert I shot in Vancouver (mid-seventies). Dead or alive (hopefully, alive), he's going to be in the book because he's in a backstage shot with Maurice Gibb. I'm at a loss for his name. Do you know who he is?



Kirsten said...

Could it possibly be Mike Heron, formerly of the Incredible String Band? (Suggestion from Mike Marrone, program director of The Loft on XM Radio, who would know more about that sort of thing than I would.)

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Kirsten.

I don't think it's him but I sent him an email, just in case.

Peg said...

Al Stewart?

Chesher Cat said...

Good guess but since I shot Al Stewart I know it's not him.