Saturday, March 31, 2007

Problem Solved

I was right. For once. The photos I thought were Keith Knudsen were indeed Keith Knudsen.

I went over to house this afternoon. Just down the street. A house that I drive by at least three or four times a week. What are the chances of that? A guy that was at the same concert in Vancouver as I was, way back when, now living down the street from me?

Marty did the Doobie Brothers lighting for many years. He did a great job. My photographs will attest to that. He is also a photographer. Check out his .

Not only did he confirm the shots of Keith drumming...I had a couple of other shots of a guy singing at the front of the stage. I thought thye looked like Keith but thought I was crazy. What would he be doing standing in front? He's a drummer. Turns out I'm not crazy. They are of Keith...and they're good. Now that I think of it, I don't know why that surprises me - I have lots of pictures of Dennis Wilson singing up front. And The Eagles drummer Don Henley, for that matter.

Thanks for your confirmation, Marty!

Now, if someone could tell me how Ronnie Barron died. And when Peter Wood was born and how he died.


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PMoore said...

Re: Ronnie Barron

From the Louisiana Music Artist Directory:

"Ronnie Barron (1943 - 1997) unsung New Orleans R&B keyboard player, singer & actor from Algiers was a protege of Dr. John and also played with Paul Butterfield, Eric Burden & The Animals, Canned Heat, and many others; died in 1997 after complications from heart problems"