Sunday, March 25, 2007

Some Are Harder Than Others

Yesterday and this morning I worked on the photo layout for Alex Harvey. It was difficult. He's not as famous as many of the musicians I am honoring but I have so many great photos of him. It's hard to leave any out. His show was very theatrical and he was an expressive guy. A photographer's dream. I finally finished it up at somewhere around 10 pictures in 6 pages.

I'm running out of pages again. I've done the layouts for 27 musicians. Nothing set in stone. Just a loose idea of what I want where. Still deciding whether to bleed some of the pages or frame all the photos in white. What I like about bleeding is the photo will be as large as possible. But then I have to crop top and/or bottom and some of them can't be cropped. Another downside is those pages may not look as 'clean.' It's weird. Some days I like the bleed. Some days I don't. Guess I'll figure it out when I print out some of the pages.

My plan is to finish all the layouts by the end of the month. What's that? Six days? I have 22 musicians left and 4 dedicatees (is that even a word?). 26 divided by 6 = 4.33333 per day. Gotta get it done. No time to linger on my photo decisions, like I did with Alex Harvey. 'Cause I'm going to need every minute of April and May to finish the written portions.


Harry Funk said...

I used to have a vinyl copy of SAHB's "Tomorrow Belongs to Me," featuring the off-color "Snakebite" (British slang for ... well, y'know). I have no idea if the band's stuff is available on CD for a decent price. I guess I'll have to look that up.

BTW ... Hi, Deborah. Glad to see you're still bloggin'. I had to hang up my "music review of the day" when I switched jobs and workloads.

Chesher Cat said...

Harry Funk!!!

I thought I lost you.

Harry Funk said...

Oh, I'm still out here in Pittsburgh listening to music. And playing some. Hopefully, it sounds better than that disc I sent you ...

How are things out in the Golden State?