Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Woe Is Me

I used to think I would make a great detective. I've always been good at figuring things out. And finding things. Except the whereabouts of some of my best pictures. Like the ones I shot of John Lee Hooker in his dressing room at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary. I have great shots of him that I took in Vancouver but the ones I shot in Calgary...damn.

Anyway, I'm obviously a crappy detective because I missed yet another musician who died. And again, I had checked out the band's website and there was nothing. Probably because they're just promoting their most recent line-up. Or, like on John Hartford's site, I didn't dig deep enough.

The latest find is Keith Knudsen, drummer for the Doobie Bros. He passed away in 2005. Only problem is the Doobie Bros. had two drummers - think how I'd feel if I put John Hartman's picture in the book instead of Keith Knudsen's. I'm pretty sure I know who's who but just in case, I'm currently looking for someone who can verify Keith's identity for me.

So, I'm quickly closing in on having 50 musicians in the book. When I started, I figured I had 20. I was fine with 20. I am not at all happy with the body count. It's really sad that we've lost so much great talent. Really, really sad.


peg said...

Doobies w/John Hartman

Doobies w/Keith Knudson

Hope this helps.

Jay said...

People die.
In the end, we'll have lost them all.
At least they leave something behind.

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks, Peg. The newer photo of Knudsen doesn't help because I can't match it to the younger one I took. Also, couldn't verify Hartman from the other one. I'm trying to find an email for him and/or someone who knew/knows both of them. Found one guy but haven't heard back. I'm going to try to track down some of the other band members from the time.

Jay: This is true.

RollUmEasy said...

Here's a captioned photo of the 1979 lineup (after Hartman left) that might help you identify Knudsen.