Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ronnie Barron Question

Ronnie Barron was a keyboard player originally from New Orleans. He played with tons of people. I shot him when he was with Paul Butterfield Better Days.

He died on March 20, 1997 at the age of 53.

Anybody know how he died?



Peg said...

I'm so excited you have pics of Paul's Better Days band. They were one of the finest ever!! Did a quick search and found this about Ronnie Barron (taken from He died in 1997 from complications of heart problems.

Chesher Cat said...

Wow. Thanks, Peg.

I swear I've been all over the internet researching him. How did I miss that?

Complications of heart problems? Wonder what that means. Heart Attack? Maybe Heart Failure is a more appropriate label?

Chesher Cat said...

Hey Peg...speaking of Better Days, I'm hoping you scoured my archives and saw my Chris Parker series. It started back in April '06 with Then and Now and then got crazy in the subsequent posts. How cute is he?

pEG said...

He's a cutie!

As for the archives, I haven't read them all. I'm always reading and re-reading the Mike Bloomfield ones. But after glancing at the Google me this and that (too damn funny), I think I'll go back and read some more. I enjoy your writing and am really looking forward to this book.


Anonymous said...

I'm a cousin of Ronnie's and just wanted to give you further details about his death. It was from complications of his heart transplant of a few years. He had the heart transplant done in L.A. and made at least one trip back to Algiers to see all the family. But he never really got his health back after the tranplant. (We were told that the reason for his "own" heart failure was due to Myocarditis(infection) acquired during all the dental work he had done for the Seagal movies. I"m hoping to get with his mom soon to maybe add some info to some of the web sites out there (IMDB, wickipeida etc.)

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks for the info. Can you send me your email address so I can get in touch with you?

My email is

dots said...

the song " its getter harder to survive " was way ahead of its time and so was Ronnie