Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Almost sounds like a law firm, doesn't it?

First, a moment of silence for the 10th anniversary of Ronnie Barron's death.

Second, I did the layouts for Marc Bolan and Terry Kath today, and I don't think their fans will be disappointed. I know that both of these guys have tons of fans. I can tell by the search words people use to find this blog. I wonder if their fans are mutually exclusive?

I couldn't decide what Marc Bolan photo should be the full page, so I gave him five full page photos - 4 color, 1 black and white, one page with a 3/4 black and white and a row of 5 small black and white photos across the top, and 3 smaller color shots on the text page. Not much room for words, but I suppose the fans will appreciate me shutting up.

Terry Kath fans should also be happy. He's got a full page color and two full page black and white. Plus a black and white neg strip that holds another 4 shots, and a full page with 4 color band shots. Oh, and one more band shot on the opening text page.

In further news, I decided to expand the book from 152 pages to 208 pages. That means more photographs. Way more. I don't have a final count but probably close to 400. Hopefully, something for everyone. I mean, who would ever expect to find John Lee Hooker, Tammy Wynette and Marc Bolan in the same book? I really hope that if you get the book for one musician, you'll enjoy the other 48 as well.

Keep rockin'.

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