Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Maureen Starkey

As of tomorrow, it's 15 years since Maureen Starkey Tigrett lost her battle with leukemia. Even though she led a crazy life as a Beatle wife, Maureen was also a really great mom. And not just to her own children. She was also a great mom to a lot of wandering kids of all ages. Me included on a few occasions.

I haven't really marketed any of my pictures of Maureen but this four panel print was one that I had in my opening show. As I near the end of the A Deal A Day In December I am offering this photograph as an Open Edition 11x14 signed silver gelatin print.

Retail value: $200.00

Today's A Deal A Day In December Price: $60
+ shipping (free shipping in Los Angeles)

If you are interested in today's deal, email: info@cheshercat.com. Please include "Day 29 Deal" in the subject line and which print you are interested in. Include your City, State, Country, Zip in the email so we can determine shipping.

There is no limit on the number of people that can order this print. If you want it at the $60 price please order it by January 1st.

I posted these two videos a few months ago but they're pretty cool so I'm showing them again.

And please take a moment to remember Maureen.

Maureen Starkey is one of the people I dedicated to with several more photos of her.

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