Monday, December 07, 2009

A Deal A Day In December - Day Seven

Oops. A little late today. Got caught up with some deadlines.

Here's today deal...

Pete Ham from Badfinger. A brilliant talent who couldn't deal with the smarmy music biz scum that killed his band. A sad story and an even sadder end to his young life. Pete Ham is forever in the 27 club.

Pete Ham/Badfinger
11x14 Signed Open Edition Framed (approx 16x18)

Retail value: $350.00

Today's A Deal A Day In December Price: $120 + shipping (free shipping in Los Angeles)

If you are interested in today's deal, email: Please include "Day Seven Deal" in the subject line. Include your City, State, Country, Zip in the email so we can determine shipping.

Each person who emails will be notified of their status.

If the first person doesn't submit the payment to PayPal in the allotted time, the second person will be contacted and so on and so on.

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Rockitz said...

Thanks for posting that, Pete's music and contribution to the band is sometimes lost in the amazing and tragic story overall. Keep Badfinger alive! Their music will always be played somewhere, but the new generation has little idea of the back story. Check out my blog at for more about my contact with Badfinger.