Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Totally Late

Oops. I got to talking to a friend on the phone tonight and before I looked up it was close to three hours later and after midnight. My bad. I should just put together all my posts at the beginning of the week or month, or hell, why not just write a year's worth and schedule them to come out a day at a time.

So, what's the deal for the day that was actually yesterday? I have no idea.

How about this? Most of you know what I have in my bag of tricks. Is there something you've wanted that I haven't coughed up? Did you miss something from a week or two that you'd like to have?

Head on over to my , find an item you'd love to own, then email me at: Please include "Day 23 Deal" in the subject line and let me know the deal you're looking for...if it's reasonable it will become the deal of the day...or yesterday. Include your City, State, Country, Zip in the email so we can determine shipping.

Happy Birthday, Tyler.

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