Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Deal A Day In December - Day One

In celebration of the Holiday Season and in celebration of me managing to post every single day this year (I'm 5 days away from putting up more posts this year than the prior two and a half years combined)...I am putting up a special deal every day this month. A crazy deal. A money-losing deal for me. A great gift (for yourself or some else) for you.

In order to take advantage of the Deal A Day In December, you will need to check in every day. On future deal days I will try and have the post up by 9am PST (my time - in California). Some deals will repeat later in the month. Some won't. There will only be one item available each day. The first person to email me and follow up with their payment on PayPal will get the item for that day. So even if the post has been up for a while it will be worth your while to email me in case it's still available.

Here is the Day One Deal:

Tom Waits Lithograph

Retail: $30

Deal a Day in December Day One Price: $3.50 + shipping

email: info@cheshercat.com

Please include "Day One Deal" in the subject line. Include your City, State, Country, Zip in the email so we can determine shipping.

Each person who emails will be notified of their status.

If the first person doesn't submit the payment to PayPal in the allotted time, the second person will be contacted and so on and so on.


Max said...

This is ambitious.

Chesher Cat said...

Rock'n'roll dedication, Max. Somebody's gotta do it.