Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thinking of the Beach (Boys)

Some of you may remember I was taking a Photoshop for Film and Video class this Fall. I think I posted my 30-layer piece that I did in the first couple of weeks of the class. After that things got into uncharted Photoshop territory for me. Animation and 3D. AKA frustration. It was a bit of a learning curve and annoying because I don't think Photoshop is particularly built for anything more than simplistic animation. For example, as soon as I added a 3D object to my last project, the program pretty much slowed down to reverse.

Our final project had to be at least 40 seconds long and required a 3D object and a story. Once we put all the animation together we had to export the piece and then put it in Final Cut to add sound. It was taking so long to render I didn't watch the total piece in Photoshop. There was no time. I had only two hours left to finish it up and get to my final class and to hand it in. I hit the export and watched the progress bar barely move. It still wasn't done by the time I had to leave so I had to keep my computer open all the way there. I was half-way through my final exam when the damn thing finally finished.

Once I was done with the exam I threw it into Final Cut to add the music and sound. My heart sank. My 3D object had disappeared from half its scenes. Fuck me. The professor was nice enough to let me finish it up and hand it in via email. I figured out I needed to do it in sections so I could see if the 3D object was working properly and then edit the whole thing in Final Cut. What could that take? A couple of hours. Nope. More like 20 hours. Ugh. Kill me now. But I finally got it done and sent it off. Here's the final project...there's still more I could do with it but I got burned out...hopefully, you'll like it as is...

(oops...make sure it loads before you click the play arrow)

What did I learn? Animation is hard.

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Steve B said...

Well, I hope you got a good grade for your efforts, because I thought it was totally cool!