Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cooking 101

I am food obsessed. Not so much in the making of it. But definitely in the eating of it. Thankfully my sister and bro-in-law are into the making of it. Although I did contribute in tonight's meal. I suggested they make their world-famous Caesar salad to go along with the lamb chops. I even went to the store to pick up the ingredients they didn't have on hand.

That was it for my contribution, other than crating this pictorial of the making the meal aka Cooking 101 so you too can make a meal that I would be happy to eat.

First things first...

You gotta spice up the meat and add some marinade stuff.
I have no idea how this was done...I was at the store buying vinegar, capers,
Parmesan cheese, croutons, Tabasco and anchovies for the salad.

Shucking the garlic.

The innovative garlic smasher.
Lots of garlic for the Caesar dressing as well as...

The sister had the brilliant idea to add garlic toast to the menu.

Whipping up the salad dressing...all from scratch.

Tearing up the Romaine.

Frying up the bacon.

The meat's on the barbecue...even though it's too dark to see.

The bacon looks over-cooked (okay, burnt)
but it was perfect because it crumbled perfectly into the salad.

The salad is done.
(except somebody forgot to put in the croutons until it was too late)

The bread is done.

The meat is done.

Let's eat!

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