Friday, January 02, 2009

This Is Embarrassing

I started a post this morning with the best of intentions. It was called "Housekeeping" and was meant to catch up on my lackness (I don't think that's word but you get what I mean) of honor posts.

Today's post started off with the two sentences below and then the list (which would have been replaced with photos and videos) I started making by going through my calendar. While I was in the calendar I decided it would be a great idea to add the b-day d-day dates to each entry which would save me time when I create the blog posts (unfortunately my pea brain can't hold date facts for 48+ musicians). And that's when I realized that I was missing some of the entries. For example, Dennis Wilson was listed on December 28th for his d-day but not on December 4th for his b-day.

After a couple of those popping up I thought it was best to go through the book and double check every musician. Oops. I am missing some of the musicians altogether. Jerry Garcia, for example, has never been individually honored on my blog. I really suck!

So, instead of completing the original post (since it would now be longer than War & Peace), I am making another resolution. Right now I am going to finish going through the book and make sure every musician is on my calendar, and I promise to honor each and every one of them twice a year on their respective dates from this day forward.

Here's the makings of today's original post:

Having spaced for the past couple of months, I missed honoring the birthdays and deathdays of some of the dearly beloved musicians in my book.

This post is for them.

Mike Gibbins d-day 3/12/49-10/4/05
November 24th - Albert Collins D-day although I did acknowledge his birthday on October 1.
December 10 - Ron Aspery D-day
Zappa - 12/21/40-12/4/93
Carl Wilson
Hank Snow
Maurice Gibb
Dennis Wilson
Maureen Starkey
Rick Nelson
John Denver
Check rest of book and add:
Dan Fogelberg
George Carlin
Rick Wright

P.S. One more thing I was going to mention under the "Housekeeping" title is the Steal My Book deal is over as of this Sunday, as well as the specials I've been offering on prints. So, hit me up on the or email if you want to save some dough.

Oh, I also promised a photo on every post. This is something I shot in December and could end up in another project I am working on...too early to talk about it though.

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