Friday, January 23, 2009

Terry Kath

*Note: Practically giving away a TK print .*

I am a huge fan of Terry Kath and believe that he was the heart and soul of what was great about Chicago. His death 31 years ago today remains one of the most tragic (and useless) in rock'n'roll history. Especially since he was about to record a solo album that we will never hear.


Robert Lamm and Peter Cetera talk about Chicago and the loss of Terry Kath in one of the strangest rock'n'roll news/interview stories I've seen...

This is one of Terry's last recorded performances. Not the best quality, but worth it for the guitar solo...

I'm missing Terry Kath.

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Lolly said...

RIP Terry Kath.

I wasn't old enough to appreciate Terry Kath when he was alive. I was distracted by the good looks and voices of Peter Cetera and Robert Lamm. But Terry Kath really was a talented musician and I miss him also.

Another great video of Terry is the New Year's Rockin Eve of 1974-75 live version of Dialogue. He looks so nice in that tuxedo and it shows what a terrific voice he had.

Steve B said...

I was a huge Chicago fan when the original band was intact. I used to play trumpet, so that was heaven to me. Everything that Terry Kath played on was great, and he really put his all into his singing as well. I love that song Little One. A real drag to lose such a talent.

Anonymous said...

I'm missing Terry too. :( No one had his power and strength when he sang. He was the greatest and I miss him every time I hear one of his songs. Bless you and love you TK! --Beth

MiGrm9 said...

Terry Kath is the heart and soul of Chicago. I love him and miss him greatly. RIP Terry Kath, you are loved and missed.

t_horn said...


I'm Terry Horn

Terry Kath was one of the great
stage, big band, rock guitarist
of all time. God bless his style.
Pure and Clean!

Terry H

Chesher Cat said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your comment.

:) Deborah

Anonymous said...

I always thought Peter Cetera was the heart and soul of Chicago, until my Professor, friedns told me it was terry who was foundation of all of Chicago's song from the beginning. I did not realize that until I listened to the Dialogue 1 and 2 and then listening other original songs, wow what a great loss to the music world at the time.But what is even worse is the Chicago has not been inducted into RandR hall

Terri Skeens said...

This comment will probably shock the people who read it, maybe not, but I would hope it gets people thinking about what I have to say. If his wife truly loved him, why would she not get between him and the pistols on that fateful day? I believe something wasn't right here from when I first heard about his death. I cried all day. There is something fishy about the whole situation there. How could Terry forget about the round in the chamber if he's truly a gun enthusiast? When I saw the article in the paper, I immediately thought that and always will.

Anonymous said...

Terri Skeens - According to an interview with his wife she got the news of his death from the police at her front door.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Terry was at a friend's/roadie's home
and it was the other person's gun he was looking at.