Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peter Bardens

Seven years ago today, keyboardist Peter Bardens succumbed to lung cancer. I believe I mentioned him in one of the recent Mick Fleetwood posts as Peter is the one who 'found' Mick playing in a house down the street from his and offered him a gig.

I photographed Peter when he was with his prog rock band Camel. I had a good time hanging with Camel when they blew through Vancouver. I didn't realize that Peter had moved from the UK to Malibu ten years after I moved here from Vancouver. I wish I had ran into him down here. He was a cool guy.


In case you are not familiar with him, he's the one playing keyboards (duh) and introducing the song on this video...

Note: It feels kind of tacky to put this on a memorial post but several people have told me I should let you all know that most of my music photographs that I post on this blog are available to purchase as prints. So I am now putting a link on the name of the musician so you can easy-click to see what's available...and check out more photos of them. My apologies if this feels like an advert - it's not meant to be.

You can learn more about Peter Bardens and the 47 other musicians in my tribute book, .

1 comment:

sergio said...

one of the best musicians of all time. His great stile and magic sound fallow me forever.
You do not know how, but you changed my life with your music. Thank you Peter