Monday, January 05, 2009

Jon Anderson

Lucky me. I got to shoot Jon Anderson with Yes back in 1975. Brilliant show.

Luckier me. I got to meet Jon Anderson again in June 2008 at his house thanks to Cucumber Rob needing to stop by there for a meeting on our infamous LA>SF>Harmony Festival in Sonoma>LA road trip via Mr. Anderson's abode.

Knowing that we were going to likely be stopping by I printed a bunch of photos from the '75 concert to show Jon. He couldn't have been nicer to me, and even asked if he could keep a couple of the photos. Um...of course. In return he kindly signed this one to me...

I have always had a thing for Jon Anderson's voice. It's like no other. His voice (both speaking and singing) has an indescribable effect on me. Indescribable other than to say that listening to him always makes me feel good.

His cool factor is also raised for me because he has selflessly spent his time inspiring and actually working with high school kids. Check this out...

So, what has made me all gushy over Jon on this first official work day of 2009? Well, I'm working on a little project for Cucumber Rob that involved getting a print approval from Jon.

And Jon just sent me this little email. He wrote, "print away.............and dance...........jon" What was so cooler than cool about that is he also attached one of his tunes to dance to. Gotta love JA.

I now proclaim this "Dance to a Jon Anderson Tune Day." Trust me, it will make you feel good.

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