Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Firehouse

On January 17, 1994, the destroyed the Firehouse that served the Studio City area. Fifteen years and one day later, a brand spanking new station celebrated its opening. And since they were offering up free hotdogs and firehouse chili plus a look at their hoses, I was so there.

How 'bout that axe?

Maybe a little overkill for slicing cake.

The firemen were also in charge of setting up folding chairs... more neighbors showed up than expected.

These guys were watching the ceremony from behind the recruiting table.

Nothing cooler than a guy in uniform...except maybe a guy on stage.

Inflatable firemen?

"I think it goes that way." "Nope, it's that way."

I know there's some eats under the foil. Feed me.

The Rose Bowl got a Stealth fly-over. The Firehouse got a helicopter fly-over.

This fireman got high.

The good old days.

This baby will set you back $1.1 million...firemen not included.


Inside the engine. Lots of gadgetry.

A bit messy, but cozy.

More gadgetry.

I'm surprised this truck hasn't shown up at my place.

Okay, I asked what each of the boxes referred to...and now I can't remember. The red one indicates flammability, the white one means don't use water, and the blue one has something to do with health. Can't remember the yellow. And I have no idea why the sticker is on the truck when it's something they look for on a building so they know how to approach the job-at-hand.

Inside the truck they have three computers and a bunch of meters for testing chemical levels...

...and, of course, the ability to watch the Cardinals whoop the Eagles.

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