Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I feel like Seinfeld. This is my post about nothing. That's right. I got nothing. Except a really great Italian meal in my belly that was cooked in my kitchen by a real live Italian guy*. Damn, I shoulda taken a photo of it to post. (The meal, not the Italian guy.)

I also had a glass of white wine which indeed gave me a buzz. Yes, I am a cheap drunk. I can get high from the bottle being on the table.'s not too late to take a picture of the bottle of wine...hang on a sec while I pull it out of the trash (actually I already saved it from the trash and put it in the recycle so I'll get it from there).

Oops. That looks like I'm drunk. Time for a reshoot.

There, that's better. Looks like I'm the Jimmy Page of photography.

If you look closely at the right side of the bottle, near the bottom, you'll see some food trash stuck to the bottle. Thought I'd point that out just in case you thought I was bullshitting about taking it out of the trash. Which proves even when I do a post about nothing, I give you the real story of nothing.

Maybe I should take my clothes off so I'll be wearing nothing while writing about nothing. And maybe you should take your clothes so you can be wearing nothing while you read my post about nothing.

As you can see, I am still on my mission to completely implode my blog. After my insanity post a couple of days ago I lost about half my readership. I expect the remaining three of you will be

One last thing before you go...there's a story attached to the clock that is barely peeking out from behind the bottle but I think I'll save that for the next time I post about nothing. Too bad you won't be around for that.

P.S. Since I mentioned Jimmy Page and put him in the tag, the least I can do is throw a picture of him up here...

By the looks of it we were both drunk at the time.

Uh oh, does posting this photo make this whole post about nothing suddenly about something? I hope not. I like nothing.

*In the interest of fairness I must clarify that Italian guy is Tyler's twenty-something friend visiting from New York.

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Steve B said...

That's actually a nice picture of the wine bottle. I was gonna take off my clothes, but since you mentioned Seinfeld, I put on a puffy shirt instead...;) The clock story can've got the time..